Our Services

We provide care in your own home. All you need to do is just…

1. Phone us and let us know what sort of care you need

2. We will arrange a one on one meeting at a convenient time that suits you

3. We will set up the care that suits your personal needs and preferences. We will then introduce to you a well-trained, compassionate, competent, DBS checked care worker who will offer quality services.

Supported Living Services

These services involve a person being in a home and receiving the care or support to promote their independence. The care that is given to the person is regulated by the Care Quality Commission, but their accommodation is not. Continuous support is given to the people and is tailored according to individual needs. This support aims at enabling people to be as independent as they possibly can and usually involves social support rather than nursing care.

Supported Living Services
1. Personal Care
2. Learning Disability
3. Functional Autistic Spectrum
4. Functional Mental Health needs
5. Short Stay
6. Respite
7. Behaviours that may be described as mild
8. Other Needs

3D Healthcare Supported Living provides a range of domestic and personal care services to support people to be able to live in a home environment where they will be supported 24 hours.

3D Healthcare Solutions Supported living is a semi-Independent housing provision offering fully furnished accommodation and support to 18+ years as well as other vulnerable persons leaving care, hospitals, etc. and or at risk of being homeless. 3D Healthcare Solutions Limited Supported Living accommodation, located across West Midlands will assist you in making the change from care to independence in a planned and supportive way. Whilst with us, you can personalise your bed space/bedroom to your taste within reasonable limits. We employ professional staff with enabling skills and passionate in working with vulnerable people in an anti-oppressive manner. We support and promote the special needs and needs of those from different backgrounds.

High Quality Services

3D Healthcare Solutions Supported living offers high-quality services which are focused on individual needs and personalised care. We employ staff who are DBS checked, well trained, competent, skilled, compassionate, confidential, who will offer excellent services and work within 3D Healthcare policies and procedures.
With a committed, qualified and experienced support team, the service is ideal as a step-down service for somebody moving on from a secure or residential setting, taking the next step onto community living.

Multi-Disciplinary Team
Apart from our in-house professional team, we work in partnership with other professionals who can be contacted and/or consulted for support when they require further support and intervention.

Professionals we work with range from rehabilitative support for someone in crisis; support for complex assessments and transitions; resolving and reducing emotional and behavioural issues through positive behaviour support approaches; observing, training and mentoring support teams; right through to simply being on hand to give extra advice and guidance to our support teams.

We also work in partnership with local colleges and centres in Birmingham to ensure that our services are responsive to the needs of adults who are developed in line with educational and skills requirements.

The overall aim of 3D Healthcare Solutions Supported living is to provide you with a safe and empowering environment where you can learn a range of skills and knowledge that will ease your transition into various stages of independent living.

Whilst living at 3D Healthcare Solutions Supported living it is important that you are supported in securing training or education placements which will considerably improve your life.

You will be encouraged to maintain positive relationships and friendships to ensure you have a network of support from family and other relevant people in your life.

We support, encourage, supervise, and facilitate vulnerable people to enhance their independence and quality of life – dealing with housing, benefits, welfare rights, personal finance, keeping appointments, etc.

3D Healthcare Solutions limited Supported living will provide you with services to meet the requirements of your Support Plan. Prior to the commencement of Services, we would normally visit you to undertake an assessment of your support needs, which will inform of your Support Plan.

However, due to COVID-19 pandemic and Government Guidance, we will complete assessments with you/family/Local Authority on the phone to minimize the spread of the virus. In emergency situations, we may, at our absolute discretion, agree to commence Services prior to an assessment taking place and a support plan to be agreed.

In formulating your Support Plan, 3D Healthcare will:
1. Carry out an assessment with you and formulate a Support Plan
2. Take into account your views and support preferences
3. Take into account views of other relevant individuals including family members and health care professionals to design the Support Plan with a view of ensuring your wellbeing.

3D Healthcare Solutions limited Supported living will review your Support Plan with you, your family and, where applicable, any other appropriate external social or health care professionals.

At 3D Healthcare Solutions limited Supported living we give personalised care.
We treat everyone as an individual with individual choices for their care. e.g. supporting with personal care with privacy, dignity, respect, confidentiality, food choices, dressing choices, inclusion, preferences, wishes etc.

We treat individuals without prejudice on the grounds of their sex, race, colour, language, religion, political opinion, origin, birth, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, and age to promote their rights.

3D Healthcare Solutions supports adults for/with to develop the independence, daily living skills and confidence necessary to move onto more independent living over time.

Each adult is provided with their own room with access to the internal and external communal spaces. It balances the opportunity for independence development with social integration and is ideal for adults who are for supported living.

Tailored Design and Key Design Features:

• 6 spacious double bedrooms across the ground floor and first floor, alongside access to the communal living room and garden

• The bungalow contains 5 double beds, bathroom, living room/dining space and kitchen

• 24/7 support available dependent on individual needs

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